From the risk appetites of women to the most successful female investor profiles, here’s a look at this week’s top reads for women and money from around the web.

Editor’s picks of the week

  1. Female investors have outperformed male investors during the past decade. One reason is women are less likely to overtrade. Frequent trading has both tax consequences and added trading costs. Here’s how having a longer-term view helps women to stick with the plan in the face of market volatility.
  2. A new CIBC survey confirms that women are more risk-averse in their investments, preferring guaranteed products such as GICs and high quality bonds to equities. While this protects on the downside, it also limits potential gains in upward trending markets.
  3. Barbara Stewart (CFA) interviews successful women around the world. Her latest research report dispels the clichés (see above) about women lacking investing confidence and being overly risk-averse. She identifies three types of successful female investors. Which one is you?
  4. Financial analysts are sounding the alarm about women’s retirement funding shortfalls. Women live longer than men but have only 66% of retirement savings that men do.
  5. Golden Girl Finance contributor Kelley Keehn talks about how to find a financial planner and financial advisor who you can really be comfortable and work with.
  6. The future ain’t what it used to be. Having a plan in case of rising interest rates can help protect against a shock in the bond market.