Our Story

We’re Real. We’re Relevant. We’re Totally Relatable.

(Being Financially Savvy Never Looked So Good)

Launched in 2008, Golden Girl Finance is Canada’s media leader in financial content for women. We’re our target audience, so we understand — better than anyone — the unique financial issues that women face. The Golden Girl Finance team is a diverse group of Canadian women with backgrounds in wealth management, financial literacy, and consumer publishing. Our columnists are award-winning journalists, authors, personal finance and investment experts, economists, and financial literacy educators. Our shared passion is to financially empower women to live fuller lives.

Golden Girl Finance creates original and unbiased financial content to educate and inspire Canadian women about investing, personal finance, retirement, philanthropy, and the psychology of money. We’re an engaged community of accomplished women from across the country who support each other to achieve happier, more fulfilling lives by taking leadership in financial part of our lives. We believe in lifelong learning, female empowerment and the power of positive psychology.