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Here’s what’s making news in “Women & Wealth” this week:

Risky Business
A recent study from UBS Wealth Management found that the gender pay gap results in women having 38% less wealth than a man by age 85. That means women need to invest more aggressively to close the gap—or fight (still) for better pay.
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Bargain hunting or investing?
Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck defends higher client fees: it’s not bargain shopping it’s value investing.
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Harvey Redux: Wall Street & Women
Guess what percentage of women work as chief executives in the financial industry? 50 percent! (Just joking.)
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Wonder, Woman
And, even with female leaders…this stuff keeps happening. Fidelity Investments is just the latest example.
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Healthy, wealthy, and wise
Here are some ways to grow your wealth without tossing your values.
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