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Here’s what’s making news in “Women & Wealth” this week:

Stupid Money
Technology is supposed to be about innovation, yet, according to a recent industry survey, more than half of the Canadian firms had no female executives. People, we have an ecosystem situation here.
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Money Shot
The creator of female “Viagra” turns her attention to another turn-on—women’s financial empowerment. “Women don’t need a voice—we need power. Money is power,” she says.
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Mommy Track and Lost Wages
The gender pay gap persists and a big cause is women’s role as primary caregiver. For each year a woman stays home to look after the family, her wages fall 2-4% annually.
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Take Care Now
Women spend 50% more time caregiving than men do. Like: worrying about what’s for dinner, grocery shopping, scheduling medical appointments, looking after extended family members, taking care of the pets, making sure everybody is alright, am I right?
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A Hard Place
Isn’t it hard enough to do a good job without having to dodge your bathrobe-clad boss or co-worker? Geez…haven’t these guys heard of Tinder?
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