Ahhh—new year and change is in the air! If only more of it was in your changepurse, right?! But isn’t that what fresh starts are for? Use up all of that new year optimism to make this your most financially fit year yet. Start right now (yes—now!) with this week’s top reads for women and money from around the web.

Editor’s picks of the week

  1. Are you addicted to stock market trading? Maybe it’s all in your head.
  2. Finland gives basic income a test-drive to help address issues of inequality.
  3. Canada’s top CEOs. Guess how many are women?
  4. Why it’s time to toss the tired tropes of “women are crazy spenders”.
  5. Women’s wealth is growing—we now control over 30 percent of the world’s wealth.
  6. Money on the mind? Start thinking more of it into your pockets.