January for adults is much like September for the kids. We’re getting back into routines, looking back on some of those piggy-bank-purges from over the break (how can we not—those bank statements are just starting to roll in), and beginning to once again be able to recall what day it is when asked. We’ll have that last one nailed by February.

We’re also reflecting on all that we’ve learned over the last year, setting goals to crush this year, and mapping out our ambitions with greater swing, confidence, and courage than ever before (thank you, holiday eggnog). With that confidence in mind, here are this week’s top reads for women and money from around the web.

Editor’s picks of the week

  1. What Canadian women feel about work, money, relationships and more.
  2. Here’s how one woman is closing the “financial gender gap”.
  3. New employment trends put the onus on being even more financial savvy than ever before.
  4. Only 170 more years to wage parity. Bring it on!
  5. Compassionate capitalism: Traceable milk…from happy cows. 
  6. You don’t need to make more in order to earn more. Make 2017 your most tax-efficient year yet with these four tax-saving (and income-boosting) tips.