From our personal investment portfolios to some of Hollywood’s top women-centric blockbusters, the returns—like summer—are coming in hot. Dive into this week’s top reads for women and money from around the web.

Editor’s picks of the week

  1. In this terrific interview, “The Wealthy Barber” (David Chilton) talks about…everything! A fascinating chat about investing, writing, and what it’s like being a Dragon (on TV).
  2. Women are told to “lean in”…here’s one woman’s account of how that worked out.
  3. Step aside, teenage boys. Hollywood finds that women-centric films actually can make money.
  4. Can you make money and still make the world a better place? These ETFs show that you can.
  5. Don’t leave more money on the tourists’ table than you have to. Stay under budget with these 7 tips for making your holiday dollars go further.