Whenever Stephanie Wagenaar finds herself mired in negative thoughts, she asks herself, “‘What do I want instead?’” With a technique called Belief Re-patterning, which has been described as the how-to go-to for positive self-talk, she knows that ‘down’ feeling is pointing her toward something that is better. 

“Belief Re-patterning is a seven-step system to automatically take you from the downside to the upside,” explains Wagenaar, a Calgary-based Belief Re-patterning Practitioner. “It’s helped me move on from wrapping up a business, to getting through a horrible divorce. The Belief Re-patterning steps I learned helped me move through those challenging situations with dignity. 

“These challenging times can drag you down. Belief Re-patterning gets me out of that down place much faster than anything else I’ve ever found. If I find my thoughts are not very positive, my mind asks the question, ‘What do I want instead?’”  

Belief Re-patterning is a learning technique that helps transform challenges into opportunities and supports you in showing up as your best self, even when times are trying. It’s a series of positive and supportive statements that train your mind to go to the ‘up side’ as its norm.   

“It’s about helping you shift your energy intentionally,” says Belief Re-patterning developer and Hay House author, Suze Casey, who holds a master’s degree in education. She developed Belief Re-patterning in Calgary and has worked with Belief Re-patterning clients and students from around the world for more than two decades. “It works with how you learn. You are focused on creating what you want and moving forward, rather than on fixing a problem. It’s super helpful when people are in a challenged place.”   

Belief Re-patterning is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life, says Casey, who trains practitioners in the Belief Re-patterning technique worldwide. 

“It’s not about pretending,” she adds. “It’s about saying, ‘This is what’s happening now’ and having the skills, techniques and ability to be who are at your best – using that challenging situation to help you grow into a better version of you.” 

Belief Re-patterning Practitioners are available to support people by working one-on-one with coaching clients using the Belief Re-patterning technique. 

Ali Saunders has seen concrete benefits from the Belief Re-patterning technique in the coaching clients she works with, and in her own family. 

“My 10-year-old daughter recently said how I used to get really frustrated and that I would take it out on her – and now I don’t do that. Being able to remain calm, and being able to teach my daughter different ways, has impacted our entire family,” Saunders says. 

Belief Re-patterning Practitioner Julie Thulin, a life coach with Feel Good Friday, also sees the benefits of Belief Re-patterning. 

“I really encourage parents to consider this with their kids. Kids pick up on it so quickly, it can really shift things for them,” says Thulin.  

As for adults, she adds, “I have clients that have come to me after years of counselling and are thrilled with the results they get from Belief Re-patterning, because they are quick and immediate.”  







Jacqueline is a Belief Re-patterning Specialist, completing her studies to become a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner. She loves helping people become their optimized selves.