“In its highest and purest form, good Feng Shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.”
-Feng Shui Master and futurist Lada Ray


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese thought system governing spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. It translates as wind and water. Popular among restauranteurs, retailers, and, especially real estate agents, it’s believed that good feng shui will boost personal as well as business health. Realtors use it to help sellers attract buyers.

For most of us, our homes are not only where we live they’re also our biggest financial asset. With this in mind, I sought advice from Toronto-based Feng Shui consultant Malca Narrol on easy fixes to increase the sales appeal of our homes. There’s a perception that feng shui is simply a style of interior design involving minimalist zen spaces, Asian furnishings, bamboo plants and water fountains. According to Narrol, “Feng Shui is not about things. It is about energy and energy is invisible.” It is about the harmony and energy flow between you and your physical surroundings. As you unclutter your home, you unclutter your life.

If you’re planning to sell your home and are hoping to attract followers of feng shui as potential buyers, consider hiring a feng shui consultant who will work with your real estate agent, to make favourable changes before you list your property. Here are five easy feng shui fixes to improve the energy within your home—whether you plan to sell it or not!


How’s Your Curb Appeal?

People buy houses based on emotions so take a moment to consider curb appeal and the initial impression that a potential purchaser may experience when she first sees your house. Pie-shaped lots, houses on a T-junction or cul-de-sac or homes backing on a ravine are not ideal Feng Shui.

Some of these challenges can be mitigated. For example, if your house backs on a ravine, erecting a solid, tall fence or some bushy evergreens at the back of the property can limit the amount of positive energy that flows out of the house. For a pie-shaped lot, if it is large enough, landscape around the house to create a circle or square around it so the house is properly embraced.


Open Door Policy

The front entrance needs to be open enough to receive “money and opportunity”. An uncrowded entranceway brings this energy into the house and there needs to be a clear path for the energy to move well through the house.

The back of the house needs to be enclosed enough so the opportunity and money do not escape. You do not want to be able to see the back door from the front door. Create a diversion with a screen, bookcase or plant to obstruct the view out the back.

It is also not good to have stairs leading out the front door. One option is to create a diversion with a plant at bottom of stairs.


The Big (and small) Fix

Remove anything broken or not in good repair. Fix dripping faucets or plumbing as they are a precursor to money loss.


Abundance, Please

Make sure the house looks and feels abundant. A high-end and elementally balanced north-west quadrant of the house can help you to be more authoritative and respected and fare better during an open house sale or other negotiations. To maximize your money energy, create a successful mindset and hold a vision in your mind that you will sell the house for a good price. Do not let in any doubt. Remember to give money to charity: when we want to receive it is also good to give.