It doesn’t matter what your age or circumstances are, as there is always an opportunity for growth. What matters is taking action in order to do so. If you’re next career will come with new educational requirements, here’s how to start:

Start by finding out more about educational programs and financial supports in your area. Contacting local government departments related to education and employment can be a good referral point for understanding your options and determining what to do next. These organizations can help you to become familiar with available education loan and grant programs, who is eligible to apply, and how to apply.

Once you have had the opportunity to review the information that is available online, you may be able to contact the most appropriate organization in your area for further information. It might be possible to attend free networking or seminar events in order to get out and meet people who are also looking to upgrade their education. This is an easy way to gain insight into the approaches of others and find out what they have learned during their research process.

Once you get to the point of selecting a program of study, look for those that include work experience assignments in the business community or referral programs to help graduates find employment. This can be an efficient way to find a job and provides the opportunity to try out a few potential employment situations before choosing a full-time position. Programs with part-time or online study can also add flexibility for students who work full-time while upgrading their education.

A positive attitude is the differentiator, so you use it to your advantage as you pivot to a new career.

A business advisor known for her practical and solution-based approach, Jenifer Bartman assists companies in transition, including early stage, financing, growth, and succession/sale of business. Her areas of expertise include strategic and business planning, financing readiness, executive coaching, marketing, and succession plan development and implementation.