"In a world of GLASS CEILING SMASHERS, [Golden Girl Finance Founders] Misner and McDonald are two blondes investing in total architectural overhaul." - Dolce Vita Magazine
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Golden Girl Finance ListingGolden Girl Finance
A leader in financial digital media, Golden Girl Finance is the modern woman's guide to finance, making the discussion of finance real, relevant and relatable - and shockingly entertaining.
Teri Courchene ListingTeri Courchene
Teri is a former economist and director of research at one of Canada's big banks. With an academic background in economics and English, today, Teri teaches investing.
Rita Silvan ListingRita Silvan
Rita is the former editor-in-chief of ELLE Canada and S/Style&Fashion magazines. Rita is a lifestyle and investment writer and editor specializing in women and money. She is a credentialed financial expert from the Canadian Securities Institute.
Julie Cazzin ListingJulie Cazzin
Julie is senior editor and writer at Moneysense magazine. An award-winning business journalist, she has written for Macleans's, Chatelaine, Canadian Business and many other leading publications. Her mission is to empower women to be proactive about money.
Janine Fracchioni ListingJanine Fracchioni
Janine is a freelance writer with more than 15 years of experience as a corporate communicator for Canadian blue-chip companies. Janine has been a staff writer with Golden Girl Finance since its inception.
Kelley Keehn ListingKelley Keehn
Kelley is a personal finance educator, media personality and the author of nine books, including The Woman's Guide to Money, and A Canadian's Guide to Money-Smart Living. Kelley is a Consumer Advocate for the Financial Planning Standards Council. A former
Ellen Roseman ListingEllen Roseman
Ellen has been a columnist for the Toronto Star since 1999. She also worked at The Globe and Mail's Report on Business. Ellen has authored 7 books, including "Money 101: Every Canadian's Guide to Personal Finance". She is also vice-chair of FAIR Canada.
Robyn Graham ListingRobyn Graham
Robyn is a portfolio manager for ETF Capital Management in Toronto. She is a Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. Robyn is passionate about helping others be financially successful.

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Golden Girl Finance is a leader in financial digital media - the modern woman's guide to finance - making the discussion of money and investing real, relevant and relatable (and shockingly entertaining). With a voice that reaches millions of women across digital, print and television platforms, our goal is to engage, educate and empower women of all ages to take charge of their finances. We do not invest on readers' behalves nor offer personal advice. It is this unbiased and innovative financial literacy approach that our community values and trusts.

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