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Forward Vision Games discusses its innovative student-targeted financial games on The Lang & O'Leary Exchange

November 20th, 2013 by

FVG President Meaghan Daly discusses the launch of the games with Amanda Lang


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Money Media

Forward Vision Games announces launch of Aboriginal Financial Literacy Game

November 14th, 2013 by

Press release - Forward Vision Games - November 14, 2013


Toronto, ON – Forward Vision Games is excited to announce the national launch of its innovative financial literacy games. The first game, The General Store Game, will be played in Alberta later this month at the Career Pathways School, drawing students from multiple Cree communities in the region. This coincides with November being the second annual Financial Literacy Month in Canada. The design and development of the game demonstrates what is possible in financial literacy skill development.

Forward Vision Games offers cloud-based Financial Strategy Games for high school and college students, built to satisfy new financial literacy goals for curriculums across Canada. The games have a focus on Aboriginal students, Aboriginal content, and First Nations communities. The program was designed after over one year of consultation with many aboriginal leaders and educators across the country.

Forward Vision Games is innovative in both content and delivery:

  • The development team at Forward Vision Games created new technology for the game’s simulation engine, combining financial modeling with numeric scenario-based simulations, pushing what is possible in educational gaming today.
  • Forward Vision Games is a member of the Mars Discovery District’s Education Cluster, Canada’s leading facility for innovation in education.

Furthermore, Forward Vision Games is excited to announce two individuals joining its Board of Advisors. Former federal cabinet minister and current Principal of New West Public Affairs, Monte Solberg, P.C., is based in Calgary. Investment banker, former securities lawyer and current Chairman and President of the USAND Group, Sean McCoshen, is based in Winnipeg. Their guidance will be instrumental as the game is released nationally.

“We are very excited for our launch in Alberta this month,” said Forward Vision Games President, Meaghan Daly. “We are eager to see students become engaged with our program and hope this shows Canadians the importance of a relevant financial education to develop 21st century skills in our future labour force.”

“This program fills an essential need in any young adult’s curriculum,” said Christoph Ruge, Principal at Career Pathways School.

Forward Vision Games encourages schools to enhance their curriculum by signing-up, encourages communities and organizations to start a program, and welcomes sponsorship and other partnership opportunities.

For interview and more information, contact:

Meaghan Daly 416 317-5317