Editor’s picks of the week

  1. Here’s another screen for savvy investors: Look for women-led companies. An analysis of 11,000 global companies showed that having a woman in either of the top two jobs produced more than double the performance return compared to the MSCI World Index. (25% vs. 11%)
  2. Are men truly more irrationally exuberant than women? While this is true in the West, in China both men and women are equally reckless when it comes to investing.
  3. The turnaround in unskilled labour market participation in the United States is being driven by one group: women.
  4. The by-women, for-women robo-advisor has netted more than $51-million in private equity investment and counts tennis champ Venus Williams among its financial supporters.
  5. Family health matters affect women’s employment more than men’s. Women are more likely to quit work to look after an ill husband than the other way around.